I’ve downloaded a new version of the FlippingBook WordPress Gallery plugin. How do I upgrade it?
All you need is to upload the new version over the old one. Do not delete the previous version.

In your Online Demo, the “2nd” page (the 1st flip) seemingly covers both sides of the book. How do you accomplish that?
There’s an “Split Image” button, when you unroll pages of your book, on the “Manage books and pages” page of plugin.
Note: There’s no “Split Image” button, if you use images from WPmedia gallery or NextGen gallery.

Add images from WPmedia gallery and NextGen gallery.

To assign images from WPmedia or NextGen you need to select:

  • Manage books and pages, then click “Add Page”.
  • Above the “New Page” page you’ll see
    PageFlip Images | Assign from WP Media | Assign from NextGEN Gallery
  • Choose `”Assign from NextGEN Gallery” or “Assign from WP Media” and then select the image you want to assign to that page.

Please, remember, that FlippingBook plugin will use images from NextGen or WPmedia, so the image still store in the NextGen or WPmedia and it’s only appear on the FlippingBook page. If you’ll delete or modify image in the NextGen it’s delete or modify in you FlippingBook.

I want to create table of content on the first page, how can I create links which will turns book to another pages? Can I place external links on pages?
It’s possible when you are using SWF files for pages. Download the simple example and modify it according to your design. Example.

Have you some video tutorials?
We have one: How to create and post first Flipping Book?

How can I change file permissions to 777?

Here is a nice article at wordpress.org “How to change chmod using an FTP client”.

Which image file type can I upload and use with Flipping Book WordPress plugin?
You can upload and use jpg and swf image types.

How can I add Flipping Book to my post?

To add the flipping book insert this code into the post: [book id='1' /]

Where the number 1 refers to the ID number of your book. To display a different book, simply replace the number 1 with the appropriate ID number of the book you wish to use. “Save” the page.
That’s it, you’re about done. The FlippingBook will be on the new page you created.

How to upload many photos at once and sort them?

If you need to upload many photos (your page will contain 50-100-500 pages and more):

  • Name images according to the number of the pages they will be located on
  • Upload photos to the site, by FTP
  • Then import photos using the option “Import from FTP”
  • Create a book using these images
  • Sort the book pages by file names

How to create a large-size book?
Often you have to make a book whose size would exceed the width of your blog.For example, your blog is 900 pixels wide, while you would like to make your book 1200 pixels wide.
In that case you can use the pop-up function. When users click a link your Flipping Book will open in pop-up window
You can make text, book page or any image a link to your book using the following code:
[book id='Your book ID' popup='1' text='Link text' /] – pop-up text link to your book
[book id='Your book ID' popup='1' preview='Image URL' /] – pop-up image link to your book

How to embed preview into sidebar?
Use Flipping Book widget to embed pages of your book into the sidebar.Upon clicking on the image the visitor will go to your book or the book will open on a new page.You can specify the numbers of pages you would like to be displayed on the sidebar, as well as the resolution of the image displayed.

How to improve the quality of photos at the same time reducing the amount of time required for the download?
You can upload small and large variants of the images separately.Small ones – to be displayed when the book is being paged.Large ones – when the book is zoomed in.In that case the small photos will download first, and the large versions will load only as the page is being zoomed in.