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Page turn effect is a great way to add interactivity to your PDF documents. Animated brochures and magazines with page flip animation draw attention and boost engagement with your content.

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FlippingBook Features for Online Publications

  • Real book feel

    Thanks to HTML5 page turn effect, great visuals, and cozy page flipping sounds, FlippingBook transforms plain PDFs into true digital experiences. It adds value to your content and makes interacting with it a real pleasure.

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    Real book feel
  • Secure PDF hosting

    Forget about bulky email attachments and third party file hostings. With FlippingBook, your PDF instantly becomes a direct link people can open in a browser. Share it publicly or privately, and update in one click, so your readers always have the latest versions of your documents.

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    Secure PDF hosting
  • Interactivity

    Turning pages animation already makes your document more fun to browse, but you can take interactivity even further with videos, GIFs, pop-ups, and links placed right into the pages of your flipbook.

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Easy embedding

Turn your PDF into an interactive document with a page flip animation and embed it into your webpage effortlessly. You can showcase an entire publication or create a gallery with neat-looking clickable previews. Either way, your flipbooks will look stunning and be easy to read.

Examples of PDFs with page turn animation

  • Catalog
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    Page Flip Catalogs

    PDF catalogs are a common tool in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. Turning them into HTML5 publications with a page turn effect makes them a valuable sales tool. Your sales reps and clients can access your latest content on any device, while advanced document helps you better understand your audience and make data-driven decisions.

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  • Brochure
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    Page Flip Brochures

    HTML5 brochures with a book page turn animation are an easy way to distribute your marketing materials. Share brochures of any size and complexity on social media, via email, or right on your website. And if you want to make your brochures even more stunning, add interactive elements and your own branding.

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  • Magazine
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    Magazines with Page Flip Effect

    HTML5 magazines with a page flip effect look just like printed ones, which is why so many people enjoy them. They are great for promoting products and events, and publishing entertaining and educational content. HTML5 will make your PDF magazines available to customers on any device, and ensure people have a great reading experience there. Want to use page flip magazines to the fullest? Add clickable ads, embed videos, and include your branding.

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  • Ebook
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    Flip Page HTML5 Ebooks

    Flip page effect is just one of many perks of an HTML5 publication. The format gives your ebooks interactivity, makes it easy to access the content with just one click, turns it into a sales and marketing tool.

    Track your documents, collect leads with them, share important info on the go — no matter what your business does, if you create PDF content for your clients, FlippingBook will help you make the most of it.

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